The Flexible Foot Lift – A foot brace for foot drop

Instructional Video

Printed Instructions

Click here for printable instructions with diagrams on how to use the Flexible Foot Lift – A foot brace for foot drop.


Cleaning and Maintaining Your Foot Brace

By following the instructions below you can extend the life of your Flexible Foot Lift.

  • To clean the foam liner, separate it from the hook and loop attachment on the cuff. Hand wash in mild detergent, pat dry and let air dry before reattaching.
  • The outer cuff can be cleaned with a damp cloth using a mild soap, rinse with a damp towel and let air dry.
  • DO NOT PUT INTO CLOTHES DRYER OR DRY CLEAN. The springs should be dried after washing.
  • The foot strap can be hand washed using a mild soap, rinse and dry before using again.

Notes: Using harsh soaps can discolor the fabrics used. Stretching the springs past 1.5 inches will shorten their life. High heat can melt or deform the plastic parts used in the device.