The KX2 Flexible Foot Lift

This simple, yet functional foot lift device was designed for persons with complete or partial foot drop from any cause.

The unique spring feature of the device lifts the foot and toes while allowing complete mobility of the ankle to flex the foot.  This enables a more natural walking or running step in contrast to fixed foot lifts, which limit ankle mobility.The KX2 Flexible Foot Lift is lightweight and simple to use.foot lift with white shoe The straps are adjustable, so no need to wait for a custom fit.  It comes in two colors and two different attachments.  So you can use the device with different types of shoes, even barefoot.Foot Lift in BlackThis device may be purchased on line or by calling KX2 Devices at 281.498.8500 (toll free 877.695.4511).  We will be happy to answer any questions or to provide a demonstration in your office.