Medical Mobility Equipment from KX2 Devices: Specializing in Foot Drop Braces and Portable Urinal Holders

At KX2 Devices, we are dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of individuals with mobility challenges through our specialized medical mobility equipment, Foot Drop Braces, and Portable Urinal Holders.

Who Is KX2 Devices?

KX2 Devices Medical Mobility Equipment Made in usa

KX2 Devices is at the forefront of developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality assistive medical mobility equipment specifically designed to cater to the needs of people with impaired mobility. As a company deeply rooted in the USA, we are committed to providing top-notch mobility medical equipment that effectively addresses various mobility challenges, including foot drop.

Our product lineup focuses on functional benefits and emphasizes thoughtful modifications for people with impaired mobility, ensuring each device enhances the user’s quality of life. With KX2 Devices, individuals facing mobility issues can find reliable and innovative solutions, all manufactured with precision and care within the USA.

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The Flexible Foot Lift

Quality Drop Foot Brace

The Flexible Foot Lift is an ankle cuff brace that allows patients with Foot Drop to walk more naturally and comfortably. In contrast to fixed foot lifts and other AFO braces, which limit ankle mobility, the KX2 Devices foot drop brace allows full ankle flexibility and permits all-day wear. This lightweight, well-made, and comfortable foot brace can be used with any shoe, loafer, sandal, and barefoot on the left or right foot.

Stand-up Portable Urinal Holder

The KX2 Devices stand-up portable urinal holder attaches to a standard walker with velcro straps. Holding the urinal in position allows a person to stand and urinate with or without assistance. Available in one universal size, this urinal bottle holder is easy to clean, can withstand high temperatures for sterilization purposes, and offers positional adjustability for ease of use.

Stand Up Portable Urinal Holder

KX2 Medical Mobility Equipment Testimonials

{I think your product helped my son, a lot. When he wore the brace no one ever noticed it as long as he had on black shoes and he liked it much more than the brace that went inside of his shoes and up his leg. He never had problems with the ankle cuff and he never complained about it bothering him. His reason for not wearing it now, I feel, is more an ego thing and wanting to look normal. The product did the job it was made to do. I have and would recommend your product again. I think it gave my son back a big portion of his life and made it possible for him to participate in so many more things comfortably. L.S., Las Vegas, NV
{The KX2 Foot Lift has enabled me to walk more naturally. Thus, less pressure on my hips and back. It also prevents me from tripping, and although it supports the ankle, it does not restrict movement. It would be more convenient if additional hooks could be provided, thus not having to remove them each time I change shoes.

KX2 Medical Mobility Equipment Supplier FAQ

What is medical mobility equipment?
Medical mobility equipment is a specialized category of medical equipment designed to provide support and stability to users with impaired mobility. It ranges from walkers, canes, and other orthopedic aides that assist in providing stability to power chairs, scooters, and ramps designed for more advanced-level mobility needs. Modern technology has enabled the development of more sophisticated equipment, such as stair lifts, hoists, and slings, to provide safe and comfortable transfers for those requiring extra assistance. With the aid of these tools, those with limited or impaired mobility are given assistance so they may still enjoy living an independent lifestyle.
What type of medical mobility equipment does KX2 make?

KX2 is the go-to source for the best medical mobility equipment on the market, and their range is top-notch. From the Flexible Foot Lift to the Stand-up Portable Urinal Holder, they have the product to get you moving with ease. The ergonomic design of the products ensures that they are comfortable and easy to use, while the range of customization options makes it possible to find the perfect fit for your needs. With its quality construction and reliable customer service, KX2 is the clear choice for medical mobility equipment.

How do KX2 Devices' medical devices improve daily living?
Our medical devices are designed to support individuals with mobility challenges, offering solutions such as braces for foot drop and portable urinals to improve their daily living and independence.
What sets KX2 Devices apart from other companies medical devices?
As a dedicated medical device manufacturer, KX2 Devices stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and creating products that genuinely meet the needs of our users.
Are KX2 Devices' products suitable for all ages?
Yes, our mobility equipment suppliers design products that cater to a wide range of ages and mobility challenges, ensuring versatility and usability for a diverse clientele.
What assistive devices for walking does KX2 Devices offer?
KX2 Devices offers various assistive devices for walking, including the Flexible Foot Lift, which is highly regarded as one of the best braces for foot drop.
Can KX2 Devices' mobility equipment be used in different environments?
Absolutely! Our mobility medical equipment is designed to be adaptable and functional in various environments, whether at home, outdoors, or during travel.
What is the best brace for foot drop available at KX2 Devices?

The Flexible Foot Lift is considered the best brace for foot drop in our range, offering unparalleled support, flexibility, and comfort.

How does KX2 Devices ensure the affordability of its medical device pricing?

At KX2 Devices, we are committed to offering competitive medical device pricing without compromising quality or functionality.

Where can I learn more about the products offered by KX2 Devices?

For more information about our range of products, please visit our website at, where you can explore our extensive lineup of mobility and medical devices.

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